Yamaha – NS-F350

Yamaha – NS-F350

Producing finely detailed sound, this floor standing speaker is designed to team with the NS-P350 for a smooth, seamless surround sound field. It features an all-new tweeter and PMD cone woofer. Enjoy every bit of audio data in the AV source with 5-channel output.

  • New 3 cm (1”) aluminium dome tweeter generates 45 kHz (-10 dB) high-frequency reproduction that is truly outstanding
  • The 13 cm (5”) midrange and pair of 16 cm (6-1/2”) woofers, featuring PMD cones that produce massive, clear low frequencies
  • Unique waveguide horn that enhances the sound field sensation of theatre sound
  • Rounded shape suppresses standing waves, and its double structure finish strengthens the front baffle
  • Large, gold-plated screw terminals with bi-wiring connectivity
  • The front baffle features a black or white mirror piano finish
  • Beautiful black side panels with an elegant round shape
  • Price mentioned below is for a single piece.


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